Win (shengwei) crystal head high quality 50U gold-plated super five network 100 / box 8P8C three cat cat5e type RJ45 cable crystal head RCA-2100


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Brand: wins for
Category: Crystal head

Product Information Product Information
Wins for the ultra-five gold-plated network crystal head
50U thicker gold-plated chip | new environmentally friendly PC material
Engineering thick gold-plated crystal head
Applicable to the data center, the operator room, high-end wiring and other large-scale communications projects
Product Features Selling Point
Better configuration is faster
An effective solution to the network card Dayton, dropped, the chip black, poor contact and other issues
The core has more care for the thickness
Selection of new phosphor bronze, 50U thick gold-plated treatment, wear and tear more resistant to luster
Strong antioxidant, good stability, easy to experience and use better
Product Details Product Details
High quality gold plated gold chip
Trident chip, contact with the core contact more fully, transmission high-speed, stable and durable
Gold-plated quality crafted
Phosphor bronze nickel plated and then gold-plated, carefully natural use!
01 – Selection of phosphor bronze raw materials
02 – carefully polished trim copper
03 – high precision nickel plating treatment
04 – Overall 50U gold-plated fine treatment
Good material good craft
China Taiwan Zhenxiong injection molding machine, the Japanese Teijin environmental PC material, easy to use durable
Crystal clear and environmentally friendly fresh
Selection of new environmentally friendly PC engineering materials, wear durable, transparent texture, fresh presentation
Product features Product Function
New environmentally friendly transparent toughness shrapnel
180 degrees bending no obvious crease, environmental toughness, durable and durable
Better craftsmanship
Wide contact, high precision polishing, smooth feel smooth, stable contact
Playing a moment for the Chinese logo, easy to identify, highlight the quality
Each connection is only for better speed
Win high-quality thick gold-plated network crystal head, stable high-speed
Applicable Models Applicable Models
Product use
Widely used in servers, switches, hubs, routers, desktops, notebooks
TV box, high-definition player and so on
Use Instructions
Connection standard
Use the net clamp to remove the outer wire of the cable, and you will see the following four pairs of twisted pair wires
T568A standard:
T568B standard:
①②③④⑤⑥⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩
①②③④⑤⑥⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩
Packaging Product Package
Product packaging
High-quality hard cattle card, environmentally friendly and durable, comfortable use
Product Specifications Product Specifications
Brand: wins (shengwei)
Name: high quality super five network crystal head
Model: RCA-2100
Interface: RJ45
Specifications: CAT5E 8P8C
Chip: phosphor bronze 50U gold plated
Material: new environmental protection PC engineering materials
Texture: transparent
Use: network engineering integrated wiring
Hot selling Hot Sale
Wins for (shengwei) RC-1050 project-level gold-plated phone crystal head ...-Jingdong
Wins (shengwei) CLC-6305 Fluke test project resistance ... ~ Jingdong
Wins (shengwei) CLC-5305 over the Fluke test project ... ~ Jingdong
Wins for (shengwei) RC-5030 engineering grade six gigabit crystal head ... - Jingdong
Wins for (shengwei) RC-3050 engineering grade super five crystal head ... ~ Jingdong
Win (shengwei) crystal head high quality 50U gold-plated six network 100 ... ... Jingdong
RJ11 interface environmental protection flame retardant materials
High quality JACK gold plated shrapnel
Metal shield / JACK gold plated shrapnel
Two-piece new environmentally friendly PC material
Through the United States Fluke test
Cat6 through FLUKE test
Project grade gold plated 6P4C phone crystal head
Engineering grade six Gigabit network crystal head
Shielded metal super five crystal head
High quality 50U gold-plated six crystal head
Engineering grade super five cable / box
Flame retardant engineering grade six cable / box
Brand Brand Introduction
20 years of focus on data connection and management
Sweep away from surprise
Free trial, limited time discount, online customer service
24-hour service hotline: 400-690-8010
About wins - Jingdong

Specification: Win (shengwei) crystal head high quality 50U gold-plated super five network 100 / box 8P8C three cat cat5e type RJ45 cable crystal head RCA-2100

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